The Lost Weekend (1973)
The Lost Weekend (1973), 2009

Letterpress print on 100% Cotton 175gsm Somerset
Signed and numbered from an edition of 100 + 3 AP’s
Dimensions: 32cm x 49cm (unframed)

Price with postage for editions numbered 20–100:

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Edition numbers 1–20 price available on request

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The Hi-Fi
The Hi-Fi Series

A series of hand-printed serigraphs based on analogue stereo equipment. This edition consists of 11 individual prints available separately. Produced in extremely limited editions.

Version shown:
14 colour hand-printed serigraph on 270gsm Colourplan Mist
Signed edition of 10 + 2 AP’s
Dimensions: 65cm x 100cm (unframed)

Prices on request

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Acid Haus
Acid Haus, 2006

Hand screen-printed in 4 colours on 175gsm Corona Offset
Signed and numbered from an edition of 100 + 3 AP’s
Dimensions: 78cm x 53cm (unframed)

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The List
The List, 2006

Hand screen-printed on 55gsm newsprint
Signed and numbered from an edition of 150 + 3 AP’s
Dimensions: 67.5cm x 53.5cm (unframed)

This print is now sold out

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